Inspiring Women


As a young child, Deloris was separated from her mother and raised by her aunt. Growing up she felt unloved and depressed but Deloris says her aunt was a strong role model who instilled in her good values and raised her to believe in the power of God to keep her spirit strong and her feet on the ground.
As a young woman, Deloris enlisted in the military. She served in Iraq and Africa. In Iraq, she visited hospitals and schools, delivering food and supplies. In Africa, she delivered food and supplies to an orphanage where she also volunteered to assist in the care of a young boy and girl, playing with them, feeding them, bathing them and putting them to bed.
When Deloris found herself expecting a baby, she left the military and returned home. Utilizing her military benefits, she went to college and received a bachelor’s degree in business. She also had another child. It was not easy raising the children alone. When her children were old enough, she enrolled them in the AIU3 Head Start program and her family in the Sto-Rox Family Center. Deloris became a parent leader, sat on the IU3 Policy Board and was Vice President of the Family Center’s parent council. Staff were so impressed with her dedication and volunteering that they encouraged her to apply for a paid position. Deloris was hired in a temporary position but was then recommended for a permanent position becoming a caseworker for the AIU3 Project Elect program for teen parents.
Transportation became an issue for Deloris when the engine blew in her car. Not only was a car necessary for her commute to work, she needed to be able to travel to visit teen parents in their schools and homes. While she was able to purchase a new engine, she did not have the money to pay for its installation. The Bartko Foundation was able to assist Deloris with the repairs allowing her to continue her important work with teen parents such has supporting an at risk parent expecting a baby with an underdeveloped brain and helping a teen dad get visiting rights so that he could be involved in his child’s life.

“Jannie exemplifies the mission of the Bartko Foundation in that beyond Jannie’s primary goal of being the best mother possible to Natalie; Jannie is highly motivated to be successful in all areas of her life.”

– Jannie’s Sponsoring Agency


Jannie’s primary goal is being the best mother possible to her daughter Natalie but she is also highly motivated to be successful in all areas of her life. She has made positive progress in her self-sufficiency journey after receiving a grant from the Bartko Foundation to purchase a vehicle. Before this purchase, Jannie would borrow her mother’s vehicle on occasion and the vehicle had no heat. She was always concerned about the vehicle becoming disabled with her daughter in the vehicle. Jannie also owns a small hair salon in Turtle Creek and because she now owns a vehicle, she is able to work more hours per week and therefore her income is beginning to increase. Additionally, Jannie’s self-esteem has increased because she is no longer dependent on someone to provide transportation for her or Natalie. Jannie has been through numerous ups and downs and continues to pursue a better life for herself and for Natalie when others might just want to give up. Currently, Jannie is trying to purchase the building that houses her salon as the current owner would like to sell the property.